January 2023 Students of the Month

Our Students of the Month for January 2023 are as follows:

Pre-K: Valencia Gonzalez (James), Bryer Litchfield (Ord), and Elias Lee (Smith).

Kindergarten: Braylee Hall (Kinnaird), Tatum Stewart (Gilkey), and Beau Ord (Wolfe).

1st Grade: Bailee Fetty (Jordan), Jacob Jackson (Roberts), and Amos Rickard (Van Meter).

2nd: Cassandra Beckett (Ervin), Kabella Holman (Rose), and Aislynn Owens (Spaun).

3rd: Isabelle Greene (Buck), Braylon Greene (Quintal), and Noelle Phalen (Baker).

4th: Grace Hussell (Blackshire), Gracelyn Watterson (DeWees), and Maggie Hussell (Greene).

5th: Aubree Reeves (Northup), Ava Young (Richardson), and Miley Newell (Tyree).

6th: Jacob Deem (Hussell), Cassandra McCormick (Smith), and Trenton Roe (Casto).