Dec 22 St of Month

Our Students of the Month for December are as follows:

Pre-k: Grant Thompson (James), Samantha Higginbotham (Ord), and Elijah Circle (Smith).

Kindergarten: Holdyn Roush (Kinnaird), Ronan Stubbe (Gilkey), and Mia Nance (Wolfe).

1st Grade: Walker Wickline (Jordan), Charlotte Little (Roberts), and Khloe Roush (Van Meter). 

2nd: Addy McGill (Young), Blake Barnitz (Rose), and Alyssa Cundiff (Spaun).

3rd: Bentley Wood (Buck), Maxton White (Quintal), and Aiden Rhodes (Baker).

4th: Trace Tennant (Blackshire), Ady Woodard (DeWees), and Emma Kaylor (Greene).

5th: Jasper Rogers (Northup), Vincent Weatherstein (Richardson), and Colton Stanley (Tyree).

6th: Aubree Wood (Hussell), Gavin King (Smith), and Lexi Roush (Casto).