October Students of the Month

Our Students of the Month for October:

Pre-K: Brooke Engle (James), Ady Ingels (Ord), and Ryker Morris (Smith).

Kindergarten: Beau Lambert (Kinnaird), Braxtin Gray-Large (Gilkey), and Kinlee Hudnall (Wolfe).

1st Grade: Elayna Lewis (Jordan), Bubba Scaggs (Roberts), and Kaia Hood (Van Meter).

2nd: James Crump (Young), Peyton Jones (Rose), and Braycen Kay (Spaun).

3rd: Trenton Bird (Buck), Bella Walker (Arnold), and Kameron Hart (Stewart).

4th: Kendrick Barton (Blackshire), Blake Flowers (DeWees), and Kabella Ord (Greene).

5th: Abel Rickard (Northup), Mazie Russell (Richardson), and Jealeen Kay (Tyree).

6th: Eve Smith (Hussell), LaShawn Wattie (Smith), and Gracie Camp (Casto).