September Students of the Month

The following students were selected as our students of the month for September:

Pre-k: Oliver Smith (James), Taesen Van Meter (Ord), and Harper Greene (Smith). 

Kindergarten: Aleeah Roush (Kinnaird), Alayna Stone (Gilkey), and Layla Reeves (Wolfe).

1st Grade: Henry Van Matre (Jordan), Marit Smith (Roberts), and Raelynn Van Meter (Van Meter).

2nd: Rachelyn Faulk (Young), Alyssa Wright (Rose), and Zoey Freeman (Spaun).

3rd: Leah Cox (Buck), Carter Scott (Arnold), and Isabella Greene (Stewart).

4th: Jamielynn Knapp (Blackshire), Rebeckah Roush-Kapp (DeWees), and Emma Kaylor (Greene).

5th: Bailey Nance (Northup), Mattie Greene (Richardson), and Easton Weaver (Tyree).

6th: William Zerkle (Hussell), Trace Johnson (Smith), and Thomas Ramsey (Casto).